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Hallo gold diggers.

 Welcome to our site Rose Gold Rings and remember the GOLDEN RULE? Whoever has the GOLD makes the rules

ROSE GOLD – what is it, where does it come from, where does the term Rose Gold come from act? First I thought the reader might probably like to have the answers to all of these questions, but on the other hand if he did, he would probably be on the Wikipedia site and not here. So the reader is probably more of a buyer of rose gold jewellery, rather than a seeker of information. Being it as it may, I personally love the stuff.

At about the age of sixteen I was given a gold bracelet. Don’t get me wrong, I really did appreciate the gift, but for quite a long time, at the back of my mind I believed that l was given a “fake”. By my reckoning, the gold was far to yellow for my liking.

After all, the rings that both of my parents wore, had this somewhat pinkish look to them. And that’s how, l believed, the proper gold should look.

As the time went by l happened to come across a Kruger Rand. And to my pleasant surprise the color of my bracelet matched the Kruger Rand exactly. After establishing that both of my items were real gold, for a short while l believed that it probably was the different mining regions that produced  different colored gold.

Yes, l did go to school, and yes, we did learn about gold. But, have you ever being mushroom picking? You might have gone through the MUSHROOM ENCYCLOPEDIA and what not, but when you come face to face with the new “fungi” in that forest,you will definitely think twice before you decide to put that mushroom in to your family soup.

And so with time seeing and touching more and more of the beautiful golden items you can’t help but being drawn to the ones that radiate with that distinctive tinge. Whatever it was that managed to influence my liking for that specific coloring,

ROSE gold jewellery is and probably for ever will be my favorite. Whether its rose gold rings, or rose gold watches I just can’t help but love the distinctive pink glow in them . Oh yes, I am a proud owner of one or two rose gold bracelets as well.

And so, I take it that the main reason that you are on our site, is to find that beautiful piece of gold jewellery that either yours or your loved ones heart desires.

Big or small, as long as it’s gold, no matter who it’s from or how long it’s in your or their possession, it will forever remain the most treasured gift that anybody can either give or receive.

 All the beautiful flowers, coffee grinders, socks and shorts are gone and forgotten, but the tiniest of gold rings, or the thinnest of gold chains that anybody has ever received or has given, are still being treasured by young and old alike.

 So if you intend to be forever ingrained in someone’s memory DO IT WITH GOLD!

 If you are still reading, I would like to extend my appreciation for the time that you have devoted to this article.

 May your shopping experience for Rose Gold Rings be a golden one.

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